How To Take Full Advantage Of Your Family Garden

Just about all house owners maintain at least a little garden in the back yard. I've had my own small garden for many years. Naturally when I created my very first garden an entire pick was no more than half of a 5 gallon bucket. However, as I continued to garden, and with a little help from my grandfather, I was able to create sufficient fruits and vegetables to feed my whole family and then some. It's obviously challenging to create a thriving garden so here are a few tips to help you get there sooner than later.

First thing is to make certain that the spot you choose for your garden gets at least 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight each day. The lack of adequate sunlight on your garden can give you poor results. Sunlight happens to be the key to growing a productive garden.

Once you establish the right spot something else it is best to do is to till manure and seaweed into the soil. Such seaweed does not have to be from the ocean, you can get seaweed in just about any lake, pond or even river. By tilling manure and seaweed into your soil, you will end up incorporating an abundance of nutrients needed for your crops to thrive. In case you'd rather not use manure and seaweed, do-it-yourself or store bought compost can certainly be effective in adding nutrients to your soil.

Now with regards to irrigating your garden you have to be careful. Unless you give enough or give too much, you may not yield enough crops as you should. As a baseline, make sure that your plants get about 1 to 2 inches of water each week. This helps your plants build strong and deep roots. If you must water your garden as a result of lack of rain, you might water your plants before 10:00am. If you irrigate in the afternoon you risk the leaves of the plants burning from the sun. It's also not a good idea to water your vegetation in the evening since the water does not dry up, triggering possible fungal growth.

When you have bugs that are feeding on your plants, there usually are some things you may do that don't require dangerous chemicals. The first thing you should do with any garden is to plant peppermint, lavender and basil all over your garden. These different plants help naturally chase away all sorts of insects along with other things like deer and rabbits. Here is a different way to keep bugs away. Using a container combine 1 cup of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of dish washing solution and 1 to 2 tablespoons of essence of garlic. You will next add two tablespoons of this mixture to a water filled spray bottle. After that once weekly start using your squirt bottle to apply this mixture on all the plants.
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